Old Wounds by Christie Golden is a Star Trek Voyager novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Old Wounds

Spirit Walk, Book #1

Rating: Old Wounds by Christie Golden is a Star Trek Voyager novel rated 3/5 by this reviewer
Series: Star Trek Voyager
Author: Christie Golden
Published: December, 2004
Review by: CL7 KittyKat

This novel follows on from the Homecoming and Farther Shore Novels. Chakotay has been given Captaincy of the refitted USS Voyager but under Starfleet Command's watchful eye in the Guise of Commander Andrew "Priggy" Ellis as his first officer. There are few of the original crew aboard now. Harry Kim is Chief of Security and Vorik is Chief Engineer. Golden has also taken some of the characters from the previous books, including the Trill Jareem Kaz who is now the ships Doctor.

Captain Chakotay's first mission is to transport displaced colonists back to their planet and make sure it's safe now that the war is over. They have requested a "spiritual advisor" in the shape of Sekaya, Chakotay's sister. It appears to be a relatively task but all is not as it seems on the planet and not all of the "new" crew who survived the Dominion War are thrilled to be working with the "Voyagers".

The other main characters may no longer be on Voyager but they aren't forgotten. Admiral Janeway and Commander Tuvok are now instructors at Starfleet Academy but have been given a Diplomatic Mission to try and convince some Federation member Planets, dissatisfied with the way the Dominion War was handled, from leaving the Federation.

Tom Paris and B'Elanna are where Golden left them on Boreth, a planet Scared to the Klingons - they are now researching the possible prophecy surrounding their daughter Miral. The Doctor and Seven are now part of a "think tank", although I'm not entirely sure what if they have an exact purpose. We do see that the Doctor is having trouble being taken seriously since the failed holo revolution. We even get to see Icheb and Naomi again.

Overall I enjoyed the book. Voyager was my favourite Trek series and I'm thrilled to see the characters continuing and it is a quick and easy read. However I do have a couple of issues with the story. Firstly is the character Lieutenant Tare, who we first met in the Farther Shore, she was kidnapped and abused by the holograms led by Oliver Baines. Dr Kaz suspects Tare was raped and this is repeatedly brought up through out the story. Personally speaking this isn't something I am particularly comfortable reading about. I especially don't find it believable that someone in the 24th century would still be so unwilling to discuss it with a Councilor or Doctor.

Secondly is the way that the other Voyager characters seemed to be forced into the story, particularly Seven and The Doctor - they play no role in this particular plot, and it's like the author felt she had to include them. The same applies to Tom and B'Elanna to a lesser extent, mainly because you are given the impression that they are part of what will be a running plot, i.e. the prophecy and Miral and I did enjoy their banter in the Monastery.

I get the impression Golden flaps a bit having to create her own main characters without the rich background provided by having an running TV series, however the reviews I read for the second book Enemy of my Enemy are much more positive and that Old Wounds should be considered more an introduction than anything else.

Title: Old Wounds
Author: Christie Golden
Review by: CL7 KittyKat