Stone & Anvil by Peter David is a Star Trek New Frontier novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Rating: Stone & Anvil by Peter David is a Star Trek New Frontier novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer
Series: New Frontier
Author: Peter David
Published: October, 2003
Review by: CL5 Skull Leader

Murder most foul...and gruesome...has been committed aboard Excalibur's sister ship, Trident, and all the evidence points in a most unlikely direction...someone Calhoun has known and trusted for years, and a close friend of his security chief, Zak Kebron. Neither are willing to accept the evidence at face value, and launch an investigation of their own into the crime, in spite of intense pressure from Starfleet and the Federation to turn the suspect over to the deceased's government for "trial."

The investigation prompts Calhoun to recall his early days at the Academy, his first meeting and early relationship with Shelby, and their first mission together, before either of them had graduated...a mission that may well have every bearing on what's going on in the present, and which could lead Calhoun into a showdown with the Federation itself...and the starship Enterprise.

Peter David delivers a story that is equal parts murder mystery, part blast from the past, silliness and seriousness in equal measure, and one hundred percent New Frontier in the best possible sense...wit and wisdom skillfully combined with David's innate sense of the surreal into one unforgettable story, with a bittersweet ending in both the past and the present that will bring a tear to even the driest eye. It's a look at what makes the measure of a person, whether it be human or non-human.

Quite possibly the best New Frontier novel to date, and a benchmark for the future. Peter, you have outdone yourself.

Title: Stone & Anvil
Author: Peter David
Review by: CL5 Skull Leader