The Bacta War by Michael A. Stackpole is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The X-Wing Series: Book 4

The Bacta War

Rating: The Bacta War by Michael A. Stackpole, a Star Wars novel, was rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: 6 years after the Battle at Yavin
and immediately after "The Krytos Trap"
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Published: February, 1997
Review by: Lt. Willyum

Old Friends: Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu, Aril Nunb, Corran Horn, Pash Cracken, Ooryl Qrygg, Nawara Ven, Rhysati Ynr, Erisi Dlarit, Gavin Darklighter, Riv Shiel, Asyr Sei'lar, Inyri Forge, M3P0, Whistler, Mynock, Admiral Ackbar, General Arien Cracken, Iella Wessiri, Winter, Fliry Vorru, Mirax Terrik, Liat Tsayv, Isanne Isard, Warlord Zsinj, Bror Jace, Talon Karrde

New Faces: Qlaern Hirf, Huff Darklighter, Booster Terrik, Elscol Loro, Sixtus Quin, Aerin Dlarit, Melina Carniss, Quelev Tapper, Supreme Warlord Harssk, High Admiral Teradoc

Places: Thyferra, Yag'Duhl, Tatooine, Chorax, Halanit, Alderaan (The Graveyard), Qretu 5, Elshandru Pica

Synopsis: The Bacta War startes immediately after the Krytos Trap. In this one, the Rebellion is still in need of more and more bacta to cure the Krytos Virus "Iceheart" left behind on Coruscant. The virus is now infecting 95% of the planet's alien human population......

Review: The Rebellion is in need of Bacta. Thousands of non-human residents have already died and just maintaining the health of the rest is breaking the Rebellion's bank. Ysanne Issard has taken over Thyferra, the planet responsible for the manufacture of almost all the Bacta produced.

The Rebels need to liberate Thyferra and take control of the planet to make use of the badly needed Bacta. But first, the Rebels need more weapons to fight off Issard's group of Imperial Star Destroyers. The Rogues have a new base of operations, a space station at Yag'Duhl. It is equipped with hundreds of proton torpedos andother weaponry, which should play a key part inthe battle against Issard.

Booster Terrik, who is introduced in this story as Mirax Terrik's father, has been given control of the station and will run it throughout the campaign to liberate Thyferra. But, Issard has discovered the station and plans to destroy it. The Rogues are forced to evacuate the station and the system. It will be up to Rogue Squadron to free Thyferra from Issard's rule and gain control of the Bacta Planet.

Read on to see what happens. I liked this book because it was exciting. But with the non-human population involved in a terrible disaster, it can get really tedious. It also gets interesting when Corran Horn is thinking of marrying Mirax Terrik. Booster doesn't like the fact that his daughter wants to marry someone from CoreSec. Bottom line, this book is another one to read

Title: The Bacta War
Series: N/A
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Review by: Lt. Willyum