Tales From The Empire by Peter Schweighofern is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Tales From The Empire

Rating: Tales From The Empire by Peter Schweighofern, a Star Wars novel, was rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: Before, during and after the Battle of Yavin
Author: Edited by Peter Schweighofer
Published: December, 1997
Review by: Lt. Kali D'or

Old Friends: Talon Kaarde, Mara Jade, Tinian I'att, Adalric Brandl, Corran Horn, Kirtan Loor, Garm Bel Iblis, Jodo Kast, Riij Winward, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Corran Horn, Colonel Veers, Kirtan Loor, Darth Vader

New Faces: Daye Azur Jamin, Moff Eisen Kerioth, Capt. Ross, Master Otias, Dynba Tesc, Eamon Yzalli, Prefect Mosh Barris, Taryn Clancy, Del, Colonel Bremen, Celia Durosha, Adion Lang, Lex Kempo, Brixie Ergo, Sully Tigereye, Hugo Cutter, Greezim Trentacl, Shannon Vooson, Deen Voorson, Boo Rawl, Gebnernet Vibraon, Aurin, Cmdr. Haslam Briessen, Haber Trell, Rathe Polron, Captain Nirez, Hal Horn, Borbor Cressp, Zekka Thyne

Places: Varonat, Druckenwell, Najiba, Trulais, Garqi, Gabredor III, Kuat, Selnesh, Corellia

Synopsis: Not a very long time ago, in 1994, there was a magazine called the Star Wars Journal published by West End Games. Developed as a periodical to support WEG Role Playing interests, it also became an outlet for previously unpublished authors. And, The Journal gave well known writers the chance to publish without specific storyline constraints. All fiction was original and was vetted by Lucasfilm and West End Games. This is a collection of those stories from the now defunct Journal - too bad.

First Contact
Author: Timothy Zahn,
Timeline: Sometime after "Retun of the Jedi

Review: Talon Kaarde goes off to Varonet with his buddy Tapper to check out a hunting/safari operation that is probably a scam. They have a minor adventure, get in and out of a tight spot or two, and connect with a new face who becomes a new friend. Pure Timothy Zahn, of course.

Tinian on Trial
Author: Kathy Tyers
Timeline: Probably around the time of "The Empire Strikes Back"

Review: This is the story referred to during the Tales of the Bounty Hunters-Bossk. Tinian is the grand-daughter of the founders of I'Att Armaments Corp - makers of that gorgeous storm trooper armour. An obnoxious Imperial Moff shows up for a demonstration of a new shielded armour and things go right down the tubes from there. Tinian speaks Wookiee, is more than technically adept and knows a good band when she hears one. This is a good read.

The Final Exit
Author: Patricia Jackson
Timeline: Some time around "Star Wars - A New Hope"

Review: We were introduced to the unstable and almost fallen Jedi Knight Aldaric Brandl in a previous short story. An actor by profession, and afallen Jedi Kinght in teh serviceof the Emperor, Brandl is again on the run. He hires a small time smuggler to take him back to his homeworld where all things are resolved. An odd story with an interesting ending.

Missed Chance
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Timeline: 6.5 years after "Star Wars - A New Hope"

Review: Corran Horn is on Garqi, on his own after leaving Corellia and CORSEC. This excellent short story takes place just prior to Horn's joining Rogue Squadron. He pulls off an intricate scam involving an Imperial Prefect, his old nemesis Imperial Intellegence Agent Kirtan Loor, and a group of rebels. Assisted by his always sarcastic astromech droid Whistler, this is a good back story for the fans of the very popular member of Rogue Squadron. And a nice intro to the X-Wing series.

Retreat From Coruscant
Author: Laurie Burns
Timeline: 7 years after Star Wars - A New Hope:

Review: Taryn Clancy is just doing her job delivering the mail. Unfortunately, the same day she shows up on Coruscant is the day the Imperials decide to take it back. With no other options, she is stuck ferrying a very annoying member of the Rebel Alliance to a secret rendevous with the fleet. A clever story, good new characters - lets hope we see her again some day.

A Certina Point of View
Author: Charlene Newcomb
Timeline: Prior to the Battle of Yavin

Review: On the Kuari Princess, Lt. Celia Durosha plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an old friend who is now an Imperial Intelligence officer. Torn between her loyalty to her crew mates and her 3 brothers (all Imperial officers), a new found awareness of the Empire's excesses, and the possibilities of the New Rebellion, the destruction of Alderaan and the death of one close to her forces her to choose.

Blaze of Glory
Author: Tony Russo
Timeline: After the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn

Review: A 4 member mercenary team is sent to Gabredor III and a Karazak Slavers Guild operation. Lex and Sully have been playing this game for years, Cutter is a psychotic explosives expert, and Brixie is a just graduated medic. Their mission - to rescue the children of an Ambassador caught up in a recent slave sweep. Another case of being in the wrong place in the wrong time. Mixed up in another power struggle between the remnants of the Empire and a new warlord, Brixie finds out the hard way what the cost of victory can be.

Slaying Dragons
Author: Angela Phillips
Timeline: After the destruction of Alderaan

Review: Shannon Voorson is lucky - she lives at the Kuat Freight Port, her parents have great jobs. They love her, she has a nice home and her own comp. She is also very smart - and only 9 years old. She can already hack into Imperial and shipyard files. When her cousin Deen arrives unexpectedly, she is fascinated to learn of his part in the Rebel Alliance. A request is made of her parents and is refused. What happens next is obvious, but still very well done. And a good ending too!

Do No Harm
Author: Erin Endor
Timeline: Sometime after the Battle of Endor

Review: Aurin is a hospital ship med-tech temporarily assigned to a Rebel commando unit. Her first mission - to keep alive a Rebel sympathizer after he is rescued from an Imperial Interrogation Center. Called a "very dumb orphan scoop and run" by her team, Aurin has reservations about the whole thing. Especially when the commando leader gives her a blaster. This is a good story - real characters in real situations the reader can appreciate. I would like to see this group together in action again sometime.

Side Trip Author: 1/4. Timothy Zahn 2/3. Michael Stackpole
Timeline: Shortly after "Return of the Jedi

Review: This is an interesting story, told in 4 parts by two of the very best Star Wars authors ever. Their ability to tie in all the parts and characters that we are familiar with, and add new ones that we will probably run into in the future is a credit to their storytelling abilities. As a whole set, this story can stand alone as an example to all aspiring writers of the Star Wars genre'.

A small time smuggler and his crew is captured and detained by an Imperial officer. In return for his ship and the freedom of himself and his friends, all he has to do is make a delivery to Corellia. One complication - Bounty Hunter Jodo Kast is part of the deal. CORSEC and Black Sun figure into it and even Darth Vader shows up for the fun. This is a very intricate tale and you will have to pay attention, but it is great stuff. Have fun - enjoy!

Title: Tales From The Empire
Series: N/A
Author: Peter Schweighofer
Review by: Lt. Kali D'or