The Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels by Bill Smith is a Star Wars guide showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels

Rating: The Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels by Bill Smith, a Star Wars guide, was rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Bill Smith
Published: June, 1996
Review by: Lt. Trivia Master Zulin Jinn

Synopsis: This guide was simply written to tell the reader all about the ships of the Star Wars Galaxy. I know you wanted to read a better synopsis but I just can't dress up facts.

Review: The Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels is by far my favorite Star Wars guide. It gives you plenty of detail without going overboard. The diagrams are excellent and the articles are amazing. With all the ships listed by name, the Guide is easy to use. The sketches in the book are absolutly amazing! The diagrams are just like the ones that a Star Destroyers computer would put out for a tactical read out. This really helps me when I am Role playing. The diagrams allow me to know where I have to hit on the ship to knock out it's shields or power.

Who ever knew that a Lancer Frigate was different from a Carrack Cruiser? Or what's the difference between an expanded B-wing and a normal B-wing? These questions are answered and many more. This Guide gives the serious information seeker specs and details on the modern ships like the E-wing and the Mon Remonda. It also includes ships from the Sith Wars like the Nebulon Ranger and Jedi Master Arcas' ship.

One of the best parts of this book is the Layman's Guide to Technology at the very beginning. This section explains things like capital ships and transports; hyperdrives and repulsorlift drives. There is even a section on weaponry that talks about turbolasers and ion cannons and tractor beams. And, there is a directory of all the major manufacturers of the vehicles and vessels listed in the Guide. Did you know that the speeder bike is made by the Aratech Repulsor Company and Kuat Systems Engineering built Boba Fett's ship Slave One? and there's alot more where that came from.

Missing from the book are some of the freighters like the YT-2000 and 1250. Also omitted are the ships from Episode I, but since this one was published in 1996, lets hope that they will do another one soon - maybe May, 2002, and add all the new ships from Episode I and II. All and all, this is a stellar effort.

Title: The Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels
Series: N/A
Author: Bill Smith
Review by: Lt. Zulin Jinn