Hero for Hire by Donna Tauscher is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Hero for Hire

By Han Solo

Rating: Hero for Hire by Donna Tauscher, a Star Wars novel has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: During "Star Wars - A New Hope"
Author: Donna Tauscher
Published: July, 1998
Review by: Lt. Dracmus

Old Friends: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia

New Faces: Sai'da

Places: Jabba's Palace

Synopsis: Han Solo has been freed from the carbonite by Leia but is locked up in a cell in Jabba's dungeon. He is suffering from hibernation sickness: nausea and blindness. And under these circumstances, not able to escape. Even Chewie is unable to cheer him up. Han is wondering where Leia is and what Jabba has in mind with them.

Review: This is the journal of Han Solo. Sai'da, a B'ormarr monk is interested is Han's history. Sai'da has brought a data pad to record the his story. Han tells him about how he came in contact with the Rebellion and why he stayed so long. But he is worried about Leia and himself. He knows that Leia is there and Sai'da tells him that Leia is fine. Han wants to get out. But being blind, getting no food and feeling sick isn't helping.

Here is another book in the journal series. Learn more about Han Solo, the great smuggler. What did he think about bringing a boy and an old man to Alderaan? What he thought when that trip went wrong and he lost his money. Learn the insights of Han Solo. Have fun reading it. It is an easy book to read - will take you about three hours or so, I think. But I never thought that Han Solo could blabber on like this. Well he suffers from the hibernation sickness.

But to talk like this to a stranger.... I don't know Han Solo, but I think that I know him a little better now. He can talk for hours. Just to get time to pass. What! - you don't think so? Read the book and tell me I'm wrong...

Title: Hero for Hire

By Han Solo
Series: Episode IV - Journal Series
Author: Donna Tauscher
Review by: Lt. Dracmus