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The Jedi Academy Trilogy

Volume 1: Jedi Search

Rating: Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson, a Star Wars novel, was rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: 11 Years after the Battle of Yavin
Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Published: March, 1994
Review by: Lt. Leeta

Old Friends: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, C3P0, R2D2, Lando Calrissian, Wedge Antilles, Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, Chewbacca, Garm Bel Iblis, Mara Jade, Winter, General Jan Dadonna, General Carlist Rieekan, General Crix Madine

New Faces: Skynxex, Moruth Doole, Ambassador Furgan, Gantoris, Tymmo, Kyp Durron, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Admiral Daala, Qui Xux, Cmdr. Karatas, Streen, Tol Sivron

Places: Kessel, Coruscant, Umgul, Bespin, Yavin 4, Carida, Dantooine, Maw Installation

Synopsis: This is the first of the Jedi Academy series that introduces the reader to the new Jedi Knights, under the tutorship of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. We find our old friends of the New Republic still battleing the remains of the Empire and, of course, the Dark Side of the Force.

Review: The adventure starts, action packed, straight away, as Han and Chewbacca, on a diplomatic mission to Kessel, find themselves shot at and shot down on the planet. They are captured by Moruth Doole and his sidekick Skynxnex who run the black market dealing in Kessel-mined spice, once controlled by the Empire. Trying to cover their tracks after actually shooting down a New Republic Diplomat, they force Han and Chewie to work underground in the spice mines.

Unaware of this situation, Leia, now a Minister of the New Republic, supports Luke who is determined to find out if he can locate more Force sensitive beings and resurrect the Jedi Order to protect the New Republic. He gets a good start after finding a "force-detector" in the old part of Imperial City which is being demolished. With this aid, and a new trick he stumbled upon, Luke goes off in search of new Jedi Knight candidates.

Meanwhile, Leia is torn between her Ministerial duties, being a wife and mother and her concerns about Han not calling her when he gets to Kessel. At first she puts it down to his irresponsibility, but when she contact Kessel, she realises there is something suspicious going on. Back on the spice planet, Han and Chewie are determined to escape from the bleak mines before they end up dead. With the help of a young man, Kyp Durron, they make their getaway, just to find themselves in more danger with the Empire.

The writer takes you through this adventure at breakneck speed, especially where Han is concerned. You find yourself gripped with the plot and wondering "How on earth is he going to get out of this one?". It gives the reader more insight into the Jedi and their past as Luke searches for his new trainees. And, at first you may wonder what Lando's little side plot at the Blob Races has anything to do with the story. But in the end, it fits neatly. A good read that will have you not wanting to put it down until you have finished it completely.

Title: Jedi Search
Series: The Jedi Academy Trilogy
Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Review by: Lt. Leeta