The Magic of Myth by Mary Henderson is a Star Wars guide showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Magic of Myth

Rating: The Magic of Myth by Mary Henderson, a Star Wars guide, was rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Mary Henderson
Published: December, 1997
Review by: Cmdr. Kali D'or

The "Magic of Myth" is the "companion volume to the exhibition at the National Air & Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution" that was held in Washington DC. I had the incredible pleasure to visit the exhibition in March, 1998 and see the "real things!"

All the toys, the costumes, the props - everything that was used to make his galaxy far, far away come to life for us on the big screen. Althought admission to the exhibit was free, one did still have to wait ones' turn to get in and, having an hour to kill, visited the book store. And there was the book - the explaination to how George Lucas came up with all this good stuff!

The book is wonderfully well organized, the art work, photographs and drawings a perfect compliment to excellent writing. It is put together clearly and concisely, with quotes from the cast, crew, and George himself. The author takes the reader/visitor through the thought processes that drove GL to this end, the years of research, thought, and experimentation that led him to this piece of work that has lasted and will continue to endure.

And the reasons behind the story, and its lasting success is what is explained, in depth, as the reader is walked through the each step in the process. We are given insights into what GL read, what he envisioned, what he studied. Old legends and folk stories, past movies, are explored and their impact on the Star Wars saga are explained.

Visually, the book is an excellent companion to the movies, the books of the "Classic Trilogy" and the exhibit, if you are lucky enough to see it for yourself. If you, as a fan of Star Wars, are interested in what sent George Lucas in this direction over 30 years ago, get a copy of this very special edition. It wasn't cheap, but you can find it at Probably used, and at a very reasonable price. It is well worth the investment.

Title: The Magic of Myth
Series: N/A
Author: Mary Henderson
Review by: Cmdr. Kali D'or