Tyrant's Test by Michael P. Kube-McDowell is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Black Fleet Crisis

Book Three - Tyrant's Test

Rating: Tyrant's Test by Michael P. Kube-McDowell, a Star Wars novel, was rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: 16 years after the Battle of Yavin
Author: Michael P. Kube-McDowell
Published: January, 1997
Review by: Lt. Dracmus

Old Friends: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Lando Calrissian, Lobot, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Lumpawarrump, Attitchitcuk, Mallatobuck, Luke Skywalker, Akanah, Nil Spaar, Plat Mallar, Drayson Harkin, A'Bath, Behn-kill-Nahm, Rieekan, Tal Fraan, Alole, Li Stonn, Mon Mothma

New Faces: Lt. Bos, Trenn Gant, Freyrr, Doman Dryanta, Jowdrrl, Mallo, Shoran, Joto Eckels, Joi Eicroth, Commander 'stony' Carson, Poqua, Colonel Mauit'ta, Commodore Grekk, Norak Tull, Rattagagech, Dall Thara Dru, Colonel Bowman Gavin, Tal Fraan, Commander Brand, Wialu, Formayj, Enara, Colonel Mauit'ta, Sil Sorannan

Places: Kashyyk, Tjelkon Vagebond, Koornacht cluster, N'zoth, Taldaak station, Utharis, Pride of Yevetha, Tholatin, Lady Luck, ILC-905, J't'p'tan, Malta Obex, Pa'aal

Synopsis: The third in the "Black Fleet" trilogy. Chewie has to disturb his sons coming-of-age ceremony, when he hears the news that Han was captured by the violent Yevetha. Meanwhile Leia stands before the dilemma of what about to do with the Yevethan treat. The Quella space ship is still on it's course for only it knows where. And Luke's quest brings him dangerously close to the Yevethan forces. As the Yevetha close in on the forces of the New Republic, Luke's makes a desperate move with an invisible weapon to prevent what will be, bloody war.....

Review: Chewie is in the middle of his son's coming-of-age ceremony when one of his cousins brings him news. Han is captured by the Yevetha and Leia is asking for his assistance. Chewie leaves Kashyyk with a total new crew in the Falcon: Jowdrrl, Shoran, Dryanta and his son Lumpawarrump. Off to save his friend ones more...

Lando, Lobot and the droids are still on the Quella space ship the Tjelkon Vagebond. They have found out that the ship is a museum and there is no logic of how the ship is built. Or how they can operate it. Let alone how they could get of the ship. But the group has been on the ship for a while now and they want to leave. The droids are low on power and Lando and Lobot could use some sleep and food. The droids are not sure that Lando is doing the right thing.

Luke and Akanah are still in the 'Mud Sloth' on thier way to find the Fallanassi. But the search brings them to a planet just reconquerd by Nill Spaar. It is wise to go there. Will the Fallanassi still be there? But it is there that Luke learns another grade of deception from Akanah. Akanah who can't wait to see her people again, still tries to change Luke in the way he thinks about the world. You don't have to kill or start a war. You can simply do what the others say and leave. Luke tries to explain his ways to Akanah, but this is a hard task to do...

Princess Leia Organa Solo, President of the Senate, Chief of State of the New Republic but for how long? Members of the senate think that she won't make the right decisions for the New Republic while Han is captured by the Yevetha. She has to appear before the Senate for a petition of "no confidence". Will the senators decide that she is no longer fit to rule the New Republic? Or will they be sensible and let it be while a war with a great aggressor is on their doorstep...

I find this a great book. All the politics, the problems of choosing between the man you love, your family and your beliefs. The quest for the unknown which you start to understand. The help some people offer and don't want anything in return. But even the information given about ancient traditions. The sacrifice people make for an idea. And yes there are even space fights in this book. You had to wait a long time for it. I wished that there was another part in the Black Fleet series. I find that maybe at the end the writer had to cut short of some things. Only so that there wasn't going to be a fourth book. This again is not a series to read if you only like space fights. You have to wait till the last book for a real fight. But for you out there who love to know more about the Star Wars politics, the way of the Force, it is a great series to read.

Decide for your own if it is worth reading this series.

Title: Tyrant's Test
Series: The Black Fleet Crisis
Author: Michael P. Kube-McDowell
Review by: Lt. Dracmus