Wedge's Gamble by Michael A. Stackpole is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The X-Wing Series: Book 2

Wedge's Gamble

Rating: Wedge's Gamble by Michael A. Stackpole, a Star Wars novel, was rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: 6 years after the Battle at Yavin
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Published: June, 1996
Review by: Lt. Willyum

Old Friends: Airen Cracken, Wedge Antilles, Corran Horn, Tycho Celchu, Ooryl Qrygg, Nawara Ven, Rhystai Ynr, Erisi Dlarit, Gavin Darklighter, Riv Sheil, Mirax Terrik, Zraii, M3P0 (Emtrey), Whistler, Mynock, Admiral Ackbar, Kirtan Loor, Ysanne Issard, Evir Derricote, Princess Leia Organa, Mon Mothma, Borsk Fey'lya, Winter

New Faces: Pash Cracken, Iella Wessiri, Asyr Sie'lar, Inyri Forge, Fliry Vorru, Zekka Thyne, Aril Nunb, General Salm, Warlord Zsinj, Councilor Kerrithrarr, Moruth Doole, Arb Skynxnex, Rima

Places: Corsucant, Borleias, Noquivzor, Mrisst, The Lusankya, Kessel

Synopsis: This book is the second in the X-Wing series. It takes off where Book 1 ended. Most of this book is about planning the Rebellion's capture of the heart of the Empire - Coruscant.

Review: Coruscant - the capital of the Empire, a planet-wide city, heavily armed. The Rebellion is planning to take over Coruscant and thwart the Empire. To do this, the Rebels are sending Rogue Squadron on a mission to infiltrate Coruscant and bring back information that is vital to the missions' success. They must bring down the planet's shields to leave it open to assault, as well as neuturalizing the Golan Space Defense platforms.

Meanwhile, General Evir Derricote is creating a virus that will be injected into Coruscant's water system. Called the Krytos Virus, the disease is deadly to alien species, including the Bothans, Sullustans, Quarren and Gammoreans. It can be cured, maybe, by Bacta, in huge amounts. Ysanne Issard is willing to give up Coruscant to the Rebels because it will leave them with a dying world - a situation which she will use to her advantage. I liked this book alot because it is very exciting. Taking over a huge, planet-wide city, well, that's hard to do. If Rogue Squadron messes up while infiltrating Coruscant, that could mean death! Bottom line, this book is one to read. The other books in the X-Wing series should be read as well.


Commander Wedge Antilles: Wedge has been with Rogue Squadron for several years and took over when Luke Skywalker resigned to become a Jedi. He was born on Corellia, and like most Corellians, he does not care about odds.

Captain Tycho Celchu: Tycho has been with the squadron since the Battle of Hoth. He has risked his life to save the lives of his fellow pilots, but he is now under suspicion that he might be a spy for the Empire.

Captain Aril Nunb: Aril is a Sullustan female. She remains loyal to the Squadron and will go with the rest of the Rogues to Coruscant.

Lt. Corran Horn: Corran is another hot shot pilot. He comes from Corellia, He does not count the odds, but has an uncanny ability to beat them. Corran also has a relationship with Erisi Dlarit. He has a golden Corellian Jedi medallion that he wears around his neck for good luck. It has not run out yet though....

Lt. Pash Cracken: Pash is General Airen Cracken's son. He was not allowed to join Rogue asquadron 6 months earlier in the events of Book 1. At that time, he was rejected from Rogue and other squadrons as he was suspected of spying on them for the General. But, he has now been invited to join the Rogues and is totally loyal to them.

Ooryl Qrygg: Oroyl is a Gand male and Corran Horn's wingman.He speaks in the third person, using his name rather than "I" when referring to himself. At this time, it is unknown why he talks this way but we'll find out eventually. He was badly injured during the events of Book 1, but is still with the Squadron.

Nawarra Ven: This pilot is a Twi'lek from Ryloth. He used to be a lawyer, if you can believe that. He is a recent addition to Rogue Squadron, and a valuable one.

Erisi Dlarit: Erisi is a very rich young lady with designs on Corran Horn. She comes from Thyferra, home of the very wealthy bacta corporations. She is an excellent pilot, but watch out for her - she is not nice.

Gavin Darklighter: Gavin is only 16, comes from Tatooine and is Biggs Darklighter's cousin. Gavin plays an important part in the invasion planning and grows up alot in this book.

M-3P0: Emtrey is the Squadron's protocol, regulations and procurement droid. He has been acting strangely lately, but his behavior could be an advantage once the Rogue's figure it out.

Whistler: Is Corran Horn's astro-mech droid (he's probably related to R2D2 somehow). Corran took Whistler and his X-wing with him when he escaped from Corellia and CorSec after his father's murder. Whistler is equipped with a special criminal investigation and forensics circuitry package, has an attitude and is very protective of Corran.


Ysanne Isard: She is the current leader of the Imperials. She has the nickname "Iceheart" and took over a few years after the death of the Emperor. She presents herself as a woman not to mess with. She has one red eye and one blue one and is srikingly beautiful. And dangerous. She is also Director of Imperial Intelligence.

Kirtan Loor: Kirtan is an Intelligence agent and works for Iceheart. He is from Churba, has a photographic memory that gets him into trouble and is hated by Corran Horn.

General Evir Derricote: Evir Derricote is from Kalla. He was in charge of a small base of Borelais in the Pyria System that played an important part in the Rogue Squadron story. He was brought to Coruscant to assist "Iceheart" against the Rebellion.

Title: Wedge's Gamble
Series: N/A
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Review by: Lt. Willyum