Darkest Knight by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Young Jedi Knights Series # 5

Darkest Knight

Rating: Darkest Knight by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, a Star Wars novel, was rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: 22 years after the Battle at Yavin
Author: Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
Published: June, 1996
Review by: Lt. CMDR Willyum

Old Friends: Lowbacca, Em Teedee, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Tionne, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, Zekk, Brakiss, Tamith Kai, Garowyn, Vonnda Ra, Qorl, Emperor Palpatine, Norys

New Faces: Sirrakuk, Mahraccor, Kallabow

Places: Yavin 4, Kashyyyk

Synopsis: The threat of the Second Imperium and the Shadow Academy continues in this 5th book of the series. The battle is comming to a turning point and is becomming more climatic.

Review: Lowbacca is becomming very worried. His sister, Sirrakuk, is going to perform the traditional ceremony, the Wookiee rite of passage. It requires her to perform a dangerous feat. A friend of theirs, Raabakyysh, fell victim to this ceremony while preparing to go down to the underworld of Kashyyyk, and was never seen again. Because of that, Sirrakuk has vowed not to accept any help to accomplish her dangerous feat-except one. She has allowed Lowbacca to come and help her. Now Lowbacca fears that she is becomming more reckless, and will fall victim to this trial just like Raabakyysh did. The Young Jedi Knights decide to help him too.

Meanwhile, Zekk has been given the title "Darkest Knight" and is ordered by Brakiss to lead a raid on the Wookiee Computer center on the planet Kashyyyk...and he is forced to face his former friends, Jacen and Jaina...

Once again, the presence of Emperor Palpatine severely annoyed me. But the plotline was kept in check throughout the entire book which kept it alive. The next one in order should be even better.

Title: Darkest Knight
Series: Young Jedi Knights Series
Author: Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Review by: Lt. CMDR Willyum