Delusions of Grandeur by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Young Jedi Knights Series # 9

Delusions of Grandeur

Rating: Delusions of Grandeur by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, a Star Wars novel, was rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: 23 years after the Battle at Yavin
Author: Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Published: July, 1997
Review by: Jedi Padawan Willyum

Old Friends: Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Zekk, Tenel Ka, Lowbacca, Em Teedee, R2D2, Peckhum, Sirra, Bornan Thul, Tionne, Raynar, Lusa, Raaba, Nolaa Tarkona, Boba Fett, Tyko Thul, IG-88, Isolder, Teneniel Djo

New Faces: Droq'1, Osskorn Stout, Master Wary, Dengar, Aryn Dro Thul, Hovrak, Rullak, Corrsk, Kambrea, Chalmun, 3D4X, Captain Thorn

Places: Yavin 4, Ziost, Tatooine, Kuar, Mechis III, Kashyyyk, Ryloth

Synopsis: The next part of the Young Jedi Knights Series continues with the threat of the Bounty Hunters-and the Diversity Alliance, a anti-human group of aliens.

Review: The search for Bornan Thul is in progress. Several Bounty Hunters are searching for him, even the most feared Bounty Hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. Zekk is learning about Bounty Hunting himself, and is one of the hunters searching for Bornan Thul. One group in perticular is looking hard for this man. Their name is the Diversity Alliance. Nolaa Tarkona, it's leader, is seeking to wipe out the human race with a deadly human plague. The group has only a small amount of this plague, and is in search for more.

Thul is the only person who knows where this disease is stored. On the other hand, Raynar Thul, Bornan's son, and Aryn Dro Thul, Bornan's wife, are searching for him. The two have not seen Bornan for quite some time, and hope to find him. Meanwhile, the young Jedi Knights are searching for Thull on Mechis III. The young Jedi Knights come across IG-88, who apparently reduplicated himself before he was destroyed. The reprogrammed assasin droid and bounty hunter is a source of information in the search for Bornan Thul. The only question is, can this deadly and fearsome droid be trusted to maintain loyalty to the young Jedi Knights? Read and find out.

*Rubs hands* I like the way this series is going! It's getting more climatic, I can feel it, I can smell it! Not much happened in the book other than talking and traveling, yet it spices things up a little. I give this book a rating of 3.

Title: Delusions of Grandeur
Series: Young Jedi Knights Series
Author: Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Review by: Jedi Padawan Willyum