Queen Amidala Episode I: The Journal Series by Jude Watson is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library
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Queen Amidala

Episode I: The Journal Series

Rating: Queen Amidala Episode I: The Journal Series by Jude Watson, a Star Wars novel has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Timeline: During Episode I - The Pahntom Menace
Author: Jude Watson
Published: June, 1999
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

Old Friends: Amidale, Padme, Sabé, Captain Panaka, Chanselor Velorum, Sentaor Palpetine, Sio Bibble, Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Shmi Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks, Boss Nass.

New Faces: none

Places: Theed, Mos Espa, Coruscant, Gungan Swamp

Synopsis: My world is under attack. My life is in danger. But I must be strong. I must save my people. I will disguise myself. I will fight with all my power. I will never give in. My name is Amidala, Queen of the Naboo. This is my story.

Review: The young elected Queen of Naboo is standing in a difficult situation. The Trade Federation has ringed her planet with orbital ships preventing any supplies going in or out. This is her first crisis as Queen. Naboo has been at peace for a long time. Has war founds it way here once more? Queen Amidala is doing everything within her power to stop this blockade.

You always wanted to read a journal of a Queen. Well this is your change. Find out why her handmaidens look so much like her. Why she changes into her Padmé role. That being a queen is hard, to make all those decisions. To rule an entire planet. Yes with your advisors, but you will be the one who says what will happen or not. Amidala, a farmers daughter. Went to fine schools in the big city and living there with her grandmother. I can well imagine that she misses those days. The days when she could go out into the fields. Not having to think about the next hour or the next day. And now all the political rules and decisions. For some of you who may be interested in Star Wars politics, I definitely going to say that you have to read it. To you who are interested in the way how Amidala became queen, not by being a princess but been chosen by the people. To you who just want to know more about her. Yes read the book.

A good book. Again, easy to read, no difficult English words, no large chapters, and well suited for reading before sleeping. And again great graphics in the book. Every chapter has it's own pictures of a scene from the movie. Brings it's own character to the chapter. Same with Anakin's journal. And the chapters aren't that long. So for you people, who just have a moment to spare for reading, you are able to read from chapter to chapter with it. But don't except space battles in this book. It is a journal of a queen, and almost all of us have seen The Phantom Menace. But the book is able to make you think again about the movie. And why she did what at a certain point.

Title: Queen Amidala Episode I: The Journal Series
Series: Episode 1: Journal Series
Author: Jude Watson
Review by: CL7 Dracmus