The Cestus Deception by Steven Barnes is a Star Wars Clone Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Cestus Deception

Rating: The Star Wars Fiction novel The Cestus Deception by Steven Barnes has been rated 1/5 by this reviewer.

Timeline: 21 Years before the Battle at Yavin
Author: Steven Barnes
Series: The Clone Wars
Published: July, 2004
Review by: CL5 Cynara

Old Friends: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

New Faces: Assaj Ventress, Advanced Recon Commando A-98, Sheeka Tull, Regent Duris, Fizzik and Trillot

Places: Coruscant, and Ord Cestus

Review: As a fan of the SW books (I have all books in paperback, including the "Essential Guide To..." book), I was excited to get the new novel and take some quality time to read it.

Was I ever disappointed with this book. For once in my life, I put the book down on page 117, not even bothering to finish it. I never do that, I usually put it down, start a new book and then go back to it. Most times that works, but this book I couldn't stand the writing style or the plot so I decided to give up on it completely.

I think my problem was that I didn't like the clones of Episode 2. I didn't like their story in the movie and I thought a book might be different but I was wrong.

This book has a tendency to jump from Obi-Wan's quest for diplomatic solutions on this planet to Kit Fisto and the clones trying to organize a potential rebellion/uprising. The author didn't spend much time on either story before switching to the other story, not giving the reader time to develop a "realtionship" with either plot.

If you're a fan of Obi-Wan, Kit Fisto or the clones, by all means read this book. Beware though, if you like any of the bigger characters, like Anakin, this book is not for you as he leaves by page 3.

Title: The Cestus Deception
Series: The Clone Wars
Author: Steven Barnes
Review by: CL5 Cynara