Star Wars: Darkness by John Ostrander is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library
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Star Wars: Darkness

Rating: Star Wars: Darkness by John Ostrander, is a Star Wars novel has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Timeline: Between Acts of War and Episode I
Author: John Ostrander
Art/Pencils: Jan Duursema
Colors/Inks: Ray Kryssing & Dave McCaig
Published: 2001
Review by: Lt. Vex Aldrin

Old Friends: Mace Windu

New Faces: Quinlan Vos, AAyla Secura,Master Tholme, Vilmarh Grarhk, T'ra Saa, Sheyf Tinte, Master Zao, Volfe Karkko

Places: the Prison World Kiffex

Synopsis: Aayla Secura crashes on Kiffex and, blinded by her anger, she releases the ancient evil, Fallen Jedi Volfe Karrko. Meanwhile, Sheyf Tinte, ruler of Kiffu, sends Quinlan Vos, a Jedi with amnesia and Master to Aayla, to Kiffex. There he faces his ultimate fears: the vampiric Anzati and the Fallen Jedi. Luckily, he gets help fromhis former Master Tholme and ehh...some...ehhh...."help" from smuggler Vilmarh. This si a story of fear, Darkness and more.

Review: It was John Ostrander's goal to create a Star Wars horror story. With the help of the wonderful art of Jan Duursema it worked. Not that the comis is all that scary, but it has a dark thingy that makes a horror movie a horror. Is it the evil Volfe or the feral Anzati? I don't know.

What I do know is that the story Ostrander wrote fits perfectly into Twilight and continues the sad story of the amnesia of Quinlan Vos, the Jedi that walks closely by the Dark Side. He's a new anti-hero and his friends like Vilmarh make him even a bigger antihero and much more fun. Add to that the wonderful art of Jan Duursema and the even more dark coverart of Jon Foster and you got yourself a true winner.

Title: Star Wars: Darkness
Author: John Ostrander
Review by: Lt. Vex Aldrin