Hero's Trial by James Luceno is a Star Wars New Jedi Order novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The New Jedi Order - Book 6

Agents of Chaos I: Heros' Trial

Rating: The Star Wars New Jedi Order Fiction novel Hero's Trial by James Luceno has been rated 3/5 by this reviewer.

Timeline: 25 years after the Battle at Yavin
Author: James Luceno
Published: August, 2000
Series: The New Jedi Order #6
Review by: CL3 Targeter

Old Friends: Luke,Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, Talon Karrde, Kup Durron, Borsk Fey'lya, Roa

New Faces: Droma, Reck Desh, Admiral Sien Sovv, Nom Anor, Elan, Vergere

Places: Kashyyk, Coruscant, Ord Mantell, Wayland, Bilbringi

Synopsis: Ithor has fallen to the alien invaders known as the Yuuzhan Vong, and the mighty Chewbacca is laid to rest on Kashyyk as the novel begins. While Han embarks on a quest to find a traitor named Reck Desh, along side his old smuggler friend, Roa, Leia works with the Senate Select commitee for Refugee's on Ord Mantell, trying to relocate thousands of displaced refugees on safe planets throughout the galaxy. Meanwhile, the Yuuzhan Vong spin a web of treachery and deception, aimed directly at the Jedi.

They plan to use the deception sect priestess Elan, and her Fosh familiar Vergere, to infiltrate the New Republic, and poison the Jedi with Bo'tous, a deadly disease. The Vong sacrifice a cruiser to get Elan to the New Republic, and then a whole battle group, to validate her claims as a defector.

Review: James Luceno is a good author as far as action sequences go, and fairly good on the emotions, specifically Han's feelings regarding the death of Chewbacca. The novel battles are quite good, but some of the non-action parts are rather monotonous, and I found myself scanning pages without actually reading the words several times. On a whole, the overall plot is good, and not all of the non-action parts are horrible.

The words he uses to describe fleet movements and naval maneuvers bring to mind some of the X-wing series battles, and I find myself waiting for the next James Luceno with mild anticipation. As an emotional, dramatic book, it does okay, but does not quite give justice to the emotions playing themselves out in Han's head.

I would recomend this book to anyone who is interested in the NJO, and to anyone who doesn't mind a few minor boring sections I liked this book, and give it a 3.

Title: Hero's Trial
Series: The New Jedi Order
Author: James Luceno
Review by: CL3 Targeter