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Jango Fett

Rating: Jango Fett by Ron Marz, a Star Wars novel has been rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Timeline: Immediately before Attack of the Clones
Author: Ron Marz
Artwork: Tom Fowler
Published: 2002
Review by: CL6 Anth

Old Friends: Jango fett, Zam Wessell

Places:Coruscant, Kamino, aboard Slave I

Review: Remember when we were all hungry for scraps of information concerning Attack of the Clones? Any screen shots, and any details of plot and characters were snapped up by eager fans. It was around the most frantic of these times when two graphic novels appeared in comic and bookstores. "Jango Fett" and "Zam Wessell" are a two part series of graphic novels - set just before Episode Two takes place. They are a good introduction to these characters, which remain mysterious even after viewing the movie. And even after viewing Episode Two, some good background information within these novels is still welcome.

The plot itself is a bit on the thin side. (So too is the novel! It's more like a comic with a few extra pages. Although this is reflected in the price.) It reads like a level of Tomb Raider, seeing Jango and Zam Wessell working together to retrieve an artefact for a mystery client. Both having to recoup their losses following a quite amusing opening which sees them assassinating each other's clients! What saves this graphic novel from being average is Jango himself. Surely now a cult figure forever. And the great exchange of words between Zam and jango. Which is sometimes funny, and sometimes hinting at another type of association between them besides bounty hunting! Another striking feature is the artwork. It's in contrast too many other star wars comics, and is even completely different to part two of this story "Zam Wessell".

Jango fans should also check out "Jango Fett - Open Seasons" a four-part comic, which will be coming out shortly in graphic novel format. This gives even more background to this character. On the whole, this is worth a read, and especially worth a look, its stylish and colourful. And is also available as part of a box set containing both parts of the story, plus Attack of the clones graphic novel. If you're like me and you're hooked on Jango I say buy it! He's the original and the best after all.

Title: Jango Fett
Author: Ron Marz
Review by: CL6 Anth