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Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith

Rating: Jedi vs. Sith by Darko Macan, a Star Wars novel has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
TimeLine: 1000 years before the Battle at Yavin
Author: Darko Macan
Pencils: Ramon F. Bachs
Inks: Raul Fernandez
Colours: Chris Blythe
Published: September, 2001
Review by: Lt. Vex Aldrin

Old Friends: Well eh... only DARTH BANE, I guess *veg*

New Faces: Tomcat, Bug, Rain, Torr Snapit, Lord Hoth, Lord Kaan, Githany, General Kiel Charny, Petja, Valenthyne Farfalla, Lord Kopecz

Places: Only one planet: RUUSAN, later known as the planet of The Valley of the Jedi, from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight

Synopsis: The final battle between the Army of the Light and the Brotherhood of Darkness is about to happen on Ruusan, a planet of virginal forests. New recruits are desperately sought after by both sides. Two such recruits, Tomcat an Bug, had a hard time making it to Ruusan. They had lost their cousin, the eleven-year-old girl, Rain, and along with a Jedi scout, Torr Snapit, they are fighting their way to a Jedi encampment. Meanwhile, someone dark and dangerous is headed for Ruusan - - Darth Bane...

Review: this is the first real battle between great numbers of Sith and Jedi ever. Oh, and Rain is still alive. She is rescued by a group of Bouncers, the native species of Ruusan. But Torr Snapit perishes in an attempt to save Tomcat and Bug from the Sith. Those two make it to the Jedi encampment, where Tomcat is (too) anxious to go into combat. Letís move now...plenty of time to be dead later. Torr Snapit and Bug chooses to stay out of combat (for now).

The Sith are also having trouble. Lord Kaan has led the Sith into many lost battles. But then Bane returns and he shows the Sith how a real Sith thinks ("Do not just fight in the forest, destroy the forest." Darth Bane). He also starts thinking about the idea of only two Sith: a master and an apprentice.

Do you think youíve seen war by reading the Thrawn trilogy, the Dark Empires or Tales of the Jedi? Forget that thought! You havenít seen anything!....In war nobody is spared, no Jedi, no man, woman or even child.....war is Hell. And Jedi vs. Sith shows it as it should be. Broken Jedi, weakened Sith, fields filled with the dead; you can almost smell the scent of death coming out of the comic.

The art is fantastic! An excellent combination between comic art and realistic art. The colours are equal great. You have to see it to believe it.

The story....well, I got nothing to say about that. It just rocks!Oh, and not to forget. BANE, heís tall, bald and very evil: Darth Bane, the coolest Sith ever. This guy can beat Maul, Vader, Exar Kun and Palpatine anytime. He is the Sith! (and he has the coolest lines). And thereís also someone with a crush on Bane: Githany, the former love of Kiel Charney. She will do anything to become Baneís apprentice, but he just doesnít understand the Darkside like I...ehhh...Bane does.

Some Jedi are very nice characters too. People like Kiel Charny, Lord Hoth, Farfalla and not to forget the maincharacters Tomcat and Bug. (Rain is still alive but she isnít gonna become a Jedi, and neither is Tomcat actually *veg*)AN OVERAL MUST BUY! Your collection isnít complete without it!

Title: Jedi vs. Sith
Author: Darko Macan
Review by: Lt. Vex Aldrin