Episode I: The Visual Dictionary by David West Reynolds is a Star Wars novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library
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Episode I: The Visual Dictionary

Rating: Episode I: The Visual Dictionary by David West Reynolds, a Star Wars novel has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: David West Reynolds
Published: 1999
Review by: Ensign The Clone of Maul

Review: With the new computer technology used in "The Phantom Menace", more detail was added to a Star Wars movie than ever before. Episode I: The Visual Dictionary is as long as The Visual Dictionary for the "Classic Trilogy", which just goes to show you the amount of detail in "Phantm Menace" compared to the other three movies.

Episode I: The Visual Dictionary is presented similarly to the original Dictionary, with high-quality photographs from the movie alongside the information. The Dictionary's opening chapter explains the state the Galaxy is in, how the Republic's power is fading and that great change in the Galaxy is imminent....

In my opinion, this Dictionary was a much more satisfying and enjoyable read than the one for the "Classic Trilogy" because the world of "Phantom Menace" is still fairly new to us. Entire sections of the book are given over to Naboo, Tatooine, the Trade Federation, the Jedi and the Senate.

The Naboo and Tatooine chapters were perhaps the best to read in the whole book. The facepaint of Amidala and the details of her various robes are explained and the symbolism for them. The Naboo Army and how it works, even the society and technology of the Gungan's is detailed. We see all the Podracer pilots, take a look at Sebulba, look inside Watoo's shop. Anakin Skywalker's talents are explored and we get background on Shmi Skywalker as well.

The Senate is specifically explained as well. The various known and unknown Senators (including Darth Sid...uh Senator Palpatine) and their motives in the Senate are shown to us. Their dress/costumes, like Queen Amidala's, is shown, and the symboism. Darth Maul's devices and lightsaber are shown in interesting detail also.

If you didn't feel pushed to buy the Visual Dictionary for the "Classic Trilogy" and/or/but you really enjoyed "Phantom Menace", I would highly recommend this book.

Title: Episode I: The Visual Dictionary
Author: David West Reynolds
Review by: Ensign The Clone of Maul