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Zam Wesell

Rating: Zam Wesell by Rom Marz, a Star Wars novel has been rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Timeline: Immediately before Ep. II, AOTC
Author: Rom Marz
Artwork: Ted Naifeh
Published: March, 2002
Review by: CL6 Anth

Old Friends: Jango Fett, Zam Wessell

New Faces: General Ashaar Khorda, Jedi Master Yareal Poof

Places: Coruscant, Kamino, aboard Slave I

Review:Zam Wesell is a stand-alone story in a way, although it does form a two parter along side "Jango Fett". Having said that, I read it out of sequence and had no problems understanding the story.

If you have read part one "Jango Fett" you will already know that the two bounty hunters, Zam and Jango are forced into an alliance to track down an ancient artifact. This story, however. begins with Zam informing Jango that all they did in the first installment was very wrong. They completed the task they were hired to carry out, and delivered the mysterious item. But it seems Zam has a conscience.

And appeals to Jango's better side to help her put right the wrong. It appears the artifact can be used as a weapon. Not just any weapon but one of immense power, capable, in-fact of destroying a whole planet! And it looks like it's in the hands of some pretty nasty people. So the story gets underway with Jango and Zam in the unlikely roles of heroes, and even more surprisingly working for nothing but the good of the republic.

Zam and Jango find themselves chasing General Ashaar Khorda, an enemy of the republic, and leader of a terrorist group with a huge grudge against the galaxies rulers on Coruscant. By planting the ariefact somewhere on the capital planet, he hopes to strike a blow that will change the galaxy forever, and put an end the republic he despises.

Unlike the first part of this pair of graphic novels. Zam Wesell is slightly more complex in its plotline than the "Tomb Raider" like Part 1 "Jango Fett". Also, you will notice the contrasting artwork styles between the two, with this second part looking more traditional than the first. As in Part 1, we get to learn more of the relationship between Zam and Jango, something not seen as anything other than business in the movie "Attack of the Clones". Any background on Star Wars characters is always welcome in my view. And Star Wars novels of all kinds have let us learn more and enjoy all our favourite characters more over the years.

These two books are not classics by any means. But they look good, and sit well in any collection of Star Wars comics and novels you may have.

Title: Zam Wesell
Author: Rom Marz
Review by: CL6 Anth