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Star Trek Books and Star Trek Book List!

Since the mid 1960s, when the history of Star Trek began, the ideas that made up the Star Trek universe have expanded. From television series, motion pictures, cartoons, role playing games, computer games, merchendise, conventions, and even comics and BOOKS! A few hundred have already left the print, and plenty more are on the way. There are even more fan stories being written all the time.

The Star Trek universe is host to the adventures of the original TOS crew, The New Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, New Frontier,and Enterprise. In the last few years we've even had books that were crossover novels, which are novel dealing with more than one of the Star Trek series. We've also had a few book series come out that each told a story about a specific theme, or a common element (like "The Captain's Table).

We are slowly but surely working our way through the literary stacks and providing you with a star trek book list. Not only will we include the novelizations of the movies and some of the favorite TV episodes, but also the technical manuals, Captain's Logs, reference books and behind-the-scenes stories. And of course, as many of the books as we can get our hands on.

We welcome everyone who has ever read a Star Trek book to contribute to the Library! It's not hard, you don't have to join a department, and it's a great way to share your love of this very special genre' with your friends at OTF.

Join us - and make it so!

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