Star Trek Voyager Books
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Star Trek Voyager Books

This section of the Star Trek Library is the home of not only the Star Trek Voyager series, but The New Frontier, books from the now cancelled Enterprise television series and Titan, the follow up to The Next Generation, as well as anything else we can get our hands on sent in by our loyal readers and reviewers.

As the writers in the Star Trek universe continue to produce new storylines and expand the characters, places and events, the Outpost Library will do our best to keep up with the amazing number of Star Trek books that are published on an almost weekly basis. Not only do the Star Trek novels take up alot of shelf space, but the constant additions to the technical manuals, the special books dedicated to planets, special events and anthologys just keep coming.

So, if you are a fan, do keep reading, and send in reviews for your favourite Star Trek Voyager Books!

Book Title
The Caretaker Voyager L.A Graf CL4 Liz
Mosaic Voyager Jeri Taylor CL3 B'Elanna Torres
End Game New Frontier #4 Peter David CL4 Smiley
House of Cards New Frontier #1 Peter David CL4 Smiley
Into the Void ST - The New Frontier #2 Peter David CL4 Smiley
The Two Front War The New Frontier #3 Peter David CL4 Smiley
Equinox Voyager Diane Carey CL3 Steve Norton
Pathways Voyager Jeri Taylor CL5 Amanda Sielu Paris
The Escape Voyager # 2 Dean Wesley Smith, etc. CL5 Amanda Sielu Paris
Incident at Arbuk Voyager # 5 John Gregory Betancourt CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
Violations Voyager # 4 Susan Wright CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
Lifeline Starfleet Academy # 1 Bobbie JG & David Cody Weiss CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
Endgame Voyager Diane Carey CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
Chrysalis Voyager # 12 David Niall Wilson CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
Black Shore Voyager # 13 Greg Cox CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
Broken Bow Enterprise Diane Carey CL4 Quincy (Gamma Geek)
The Homecoming Voyager Christie Golden CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
The Farther Shore Voyager Christie Golden CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
The Nanotech War Voyager Steven Piziks CL6 Amanda Sielu Paris
Fire Ship The Captains Table #4 Diane Carey CL4 Scorger
The Badlands Voyager, Badlands Book 2 Susan Wright CL4 Carter
Old Wounds Voyager, Spirit Walk #1 Christie Golden CL7 KittyKat
After the Fall New Frontier Peter David CL5 Skull Leader
Enemy of My Enemy Spirit Walk, Book 2 Christie Golden CL7 KittyKat
Stone & Anvil New Frontier Peter David CL5 Skull Leader
Taking Wing Star Trek: Titan #1 Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels CL4 Quincy