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"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." started it all on 25 May, 1977.

Since that time, more than 80 books, comics, anthologies and graphic novels have been written and it appears there is no end in sight. As the collection has grown, so has our Library. Since April, 2001, the outstanding efforts of our avid readers and writers, and the continued excellence of the chosen authors have directed us to separate Star Wars into 2 sections.

Here, the "Star Wars Classic Trilogy" encompasses the stories told from "Star Wars - A New Hope" to "Vision of the Future", the culmination of Timothy Zahn's duology taking place 19 years after the destruction of the 1st Death Star at Yavin. All the reference books are here, as well as the "Young Jedi Knights Series" for the young adult reader.

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So, relax, take a break. Put your feet up and read a book. Remember...

The Force will be with you....Always!

The Rebellion

6 months - 4 Years after Yavin

RatingBook TitleSeries Author Reviewer
Captive to Evil
by Princess Leia Organa
Episode IV - Journal SeriesJude WatsonLt. Dracmus
The Fight for Justice
by Luke Skywalker
Episode IV - Journal SeriesJohn PeelLt. Dracmus
Hero for Hire
by Han Solo
Episode IV - Journal SeriesDonna TauscherLt. Dracmus
Tales from the Mos Eisley CantinaEdited by Kevin J. Anderson TauscherLt. Kali D'or
A New HopeStar Wars - Episode IGeorge LucasLt. Kali D'or
DoomworldLee DawsonCL7 Kali D'or
Star Wars InfinitiesChris WarnerLt. Anth
Vader's QuestDarko MacanEnsign The Clone of Maul
The Ruins of DantooineStar Wars GalaxiesVeronica Whitney-RobinsonCL7 Kali D'or
Splinter of the Mind's EyeAlan Dean FosterLt. Kali D'or
The Empire Strikes BackStar Wars - Episode VDonald F. GaultLt. Kali D'or
Dark EncountersJason HallCL7 Kali D'or
Tales of the Bounty HuntersEdited by Kevin J. AndersonLt. Kali
Shadows of the EmpireSteve PerryLt. Kali D'or
The Mandalorian ArmorThe Bounty Hunter Wars, Book 1K.W. JeterLt. Kali D'or
Slave ShipThe Bounty Hunter Wars, Book 2K.W. JeterLt. Kali D'or
Hard MerchandiseThe Bounty Hunter Wars, Book 3K.W. JeterLt. Kali D'or
Return of the JediStar Wars - Episode IVJames KahnLt. Kali D'or
Tales from Jabba's PalaceEdited by Kevin J. AndersonLt. Kali D'or
The Truce at BakuraKathy TyersLt. Leeta
The Jabba TapeJohn WagnerLt. Vex Aldrin

Empire Resurgent

6-11 Years After Yavin

RatingBook TitleSeriesAuthor Reviewer
Wedge's GambleX-Wing: Book 2Michael A. StackpoleLt. Willyum
The Krytos TrapX-Wing: Book 3Michael A. StackpoleLt. Willyum & Lt. Zulin Jinn
The Bacta WarX-Wing: Book 4Michael A. StackpoleLt. Willyum
Wraith SquadronX-Wing: Book 5Aaron AllstonLt. Willyum
Iron FistX-Wing: Book 6Aaron AllstonLt. Willyum & Lt. Zulin Jinn
Solo CommandX-Wing: Book 7Aaron AllstonLt. Willyum
The Courtship of Princess LeiaKathy TyersLt. Dracmus
Tales From the EmpireEdited by Peter SchweighoferLt. Kali D'or
Tales From the New RepublicEdited by Peter SchweighoferLt. Kali D'or
Tatooine GhostTroy DenningCL7 Kali D'or
Heir to the EmpireThe Thrawn Trilogy: Book 1Timothy ZahnLt. Leeta & Lt. Willyum
Dark Force RisingThe Thrawn Trilogy: Book 2Timothy ZahnLt. Leeta & Lt. Willyum
The Last CommandThe Thrawn Trilogy: Book 3Timothy ZahnLt. Leeta & Lt. Willyum
Isard's RevengeX-Wing: Book 8Michael A. StackpoleLt. Willyum
Dark Empire Dark Empire ITom VeitchLt. Lord Sithspawn
Operation Shadowhand Dark Empire IITom VeitchLt. Lord Sithspawn
Empires' End Dark Empire IIITom VeitchLt. Lord Sithspawn
Dark Empire CollectionDark Empire Tom VeitchLt. Anth Martian

Return of the Jedi Knights

11-19 Years After Yavin

RatingBook TitleSeriesAuthor Reviewer
Jedi SearchThe Jedi Academy Trilogy: Book 1Kevin J. AndersonLt. Leeta
Dark ApprenticeThe Jedi Academy Trilogy: Book 2Kevin J. AndersonLt. Leeta
Champions of the ForceThe Jedi Academy Trilogy: Book 3Kevin J. AndersonLt. Leeta
I, JediMichael A. StackpoleLt. Hal Horn
Children of the JediBarbara HamblyLt. Dracmus
DarksaberKevin J. AndersonLt. Dracmus
Starfighters of AdumarX-Wing: Book 9Aaron AllstonLt. Willyum
The Crystal StarVonda N. McIntyreLt. Abby
Before the StormThe Black Fleet Crisis: Book 1Michael P. Kube-McDowellLt. Dracmus
Shield of LiesThe Black Fleet Crisis: Book 2Michael P. Kube-McDowellLt. Dracmus
Tyrants TestThe Black Fleet Crisis: Book 3Michael P. Kube-McDowellLt. Dracmus
The New RebellionKristine Kathryn RuschLt. Luc
Ambush at CorelliaThe Corellian Trilogy: Book 1Roger McBride AllenLt. Willyum
Assault at SeloniaThe Corellian Trilogy: Book 2Roger McBride AllenLt. Willyum
Showdown at CenterpointThe Corellian Trilogy: Book 3Roger McBride AllenLt. Willyum
Specter of the PastThe Hand of Thrawn: Book 1Timothy ZahnLt. Luc
Vision of the FutureThe Hand of Thrawn: Book 2Timothy ZahnLt. Lord Sithspawn

Generations of Jedi

19-24 Years After Yavin

RatingBook TitleSeriesAuthorReviewer
Heirs of the ForceYoung Jedi Knights: Book 1Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Heirs of the ForceYoung Jedi Knights: Book 1Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL7 Dracmus
Shadow AcademyYoung Jedi Knights: Book 2Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
The Lost OnesYoung Jedi Knights: Book 3Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
UnionMichael A. StackpoleCL4 Lord Shadowsithspawn
Darkest KnightYoung Jedi Knights: Book 5Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Jedi Under SeigeYoung Jedi Knights: Book 6Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Shards of AlderaanYoung Jedi Knights: Book 7Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Survivor's QuestTimothy ZahnCL7 Kali D'or
Delusions of GrandeurYoung Jedi Knights: Book 9Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Jedi BountyYoung Jedi Knights: Book 10Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL7 Kali D'or
The Emperor's PlagueYoung Jedi Knights: Book 11Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Return to Ord MantellYoung Jedi Knights: Book 12Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Trouble on Cloud CityYoung Jedi Knights: Book 13Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum
Crisis at Crystal ReefYoung Jedi Knights: Book 14Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca MoestaCL5 Willyum

References & Resources

RatingBook TitleSeriesAuthor Reviewer
The Quotable Star WarsStephen J. SansweetCL6 Kali D'or
Classic Trilogy - Visual DictionaryDavid West ReynoldsThe Clone of Maul
Weapons & TechnologyThe Essential GuidesAndy MangleCL4 Zulin Jinn
CharactersThe Essential GuidesAndy MangleCL4 Zulin Jinn
Vehicles & VesselsThe Essential GuidesBill SmithCL4 Zulin Jinn
DroidsThe Essential GuidesBill SmithCL4 Ein Masamune
Alien SpeciesThe Essential GuidesAnn Margaret LewisCL4 Shadowspawn
ChronologyThe Essential GuidesKevin J. AndersonCL5 Willyum
The Art of Dave DormanEdited by Stephen Smith & Lurene HainesCL6 Kali D'or
The Magic of MythMary HendersonCL6 Kali D'or
The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Wars Trivia ChallengeJames Hatfiels & George BurtCL6 Kali D'or
Galactic Phrase Book & Travel GuideBen BurttCL5 Dracmus