Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Books
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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Books

"Deep Space 9" was not really very popular for the first few seasons it was on the air. It was "different" .It didn't take place on a ship that moved through space, didn't travel to "strange new worlds". Instead, the strange things came to them. And it was dark, brooding, Cardassian - mleh!

The possibilities of the wormhole next to the station, and the contact with the Gamma quadrant - a new-never-before-seen part of the galaxy, gave the series a lot of potential. It started to fullfill that potential as time went by.

Most of the authors of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine books have done a pretty good job adding even more depth to the characters and the storylines. We hope that you'll enjoy reading the books about this series.

When the series ended, after 7 seasons,it left a lot of things open. That vacuum create an urge to know what is to come, now that the "Emmissary" has disappeared to spend some time with the worm-hole aliens, Nerys is in charge, Odo is back with the link and Bashir and Ezri have a relationship going. O'Brian gets promoted to teach Engineering at Starfleet Academy, but that would mean is that he has to leave the Station.

How they all got to this point, and where they go next is all there.

Just read the Star Trek Deep Space Nine books! And it will all make perfect sense.

Book Title
A Stitch in Time DS9 Andrew J. Robinson CL6 Kali D'or
ST: Action DS9 Terry J. Erdman CL5 Leeta
The Big Game DS9 # 4 Sandy Schofield CL6 Sorsha
Bloodletter DS9 # 3 K.W. Jeter CL6 Sorsha
Devil in the Sky DS9 # 11 Greg Cox & John Gregory Betancourt CL5 Leeta
ST DS9 Technical Manual DS9 Various Authors CL4 Smiley
Emissary DS9 # 1 J.M. Dillard CL6 Sorsha
Legends of the Ferengi DS9 Various Authors CL6 Kali D'or
Fallen Heroes DS9 # 5 Dafydd ab Hugh CL6 Sorsha
Station Rage DS9 # 13 Diane Carey CL5 Leeta
The Seige DS9 # 2 Peter David CL5 Sorsha
The Tempest DS9 # 19 Susan Wright CL5 Smiley
Valhalla DS9 # 10 Nathan Archer CL5 Leeta
Betrayal DS9 # 6 Lois Tilton CL6 Sorsha
The Lives of Dax DS9 Marco Palmieri, et al CL3 Digital Angel
Twilight DS9 Mission Gamma Book 1 David R. George III CL4 Pherettgurrl
Avatar DS9 Avatar Books 1 & 2 S.D. Perry CL4 Skull Leader
The Mist DS9 Captain's Table: Book 3 Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch CL3 Scorger
The Abyss DS9 Section 31 Jeffrey Lang & David Weddle CL4 Skull Leader
Rising Son DS9 S.D. Perry CL4 Skull Leader
Demons of Air & Darkness Gateways #4/DS9 Keith R.A. DeCandido CL4 Skull Leader
Lesser Evil DS9 Mission Gamma #4 Robert Simpson CL4 Skull Leader
Time's Enemy DS9 #16, Invasion Book 3 L.A. Graf CL4 Fonz
Wrath of the Prophets DS9 #20 Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman & Robert Greenberger CL4 Scorger
Worlds of Star Trek:deep Space Nine Volume 3 Keith R.A. DeCandido & David R. George III CL4 Gates
Unity DS9 S.D. Perry CL5 Skull Leader