"Whodunit?" shorthand for Murders & Mysteries - one of the oldest literary genre's. Since the beginning of time, stories have been told of bad things happening to good (and often bad) people: the victims, the perpetrators, the observers and the pursuers. These selections are not for the faint hearted - many of these books are violent and graphic in the depiction of the crimes and the investigations. The "bad guys" are really bad, and the repercussions of their actions impact everyone involved, not always with a happy ending.

You will, however, find yourself caught up in the crimes, events and characters portrayed by an eclectic collection of best selling authors. Here you will find books so cleverly twisted and turned, you won't know who to believe till the very end.

Rating Author Book Title Series Reviewer
Agatha Christie Ten Little Indians CL4 Katana
Michael Connelley City of Bones CL5 Dmitri
Jeffrey Deaver The Blue Nowhere CL7 Kali D'or
Jeffrey Deaver The Bone Collector CL7 Kali D'or
Julie Garwood Heartbreaker CL5 Cynara
Julie Garwood Mercy CL5 Cynara
Thomas Gifford Assassini CL7 Kali D'or
John Grisham The Pelican Brief CL5 Dmitri
John Grisham A Time to Kill CL5 Dmitri
John Grisham The Testament CL5 Dmitri
John Grisham The Last Juror CL5 Dmitri
Charlaine Harris Shakespeare's Landlord CL5 Cynara
Charlaine Harris Shakespeare's Champion CL5 Cynara
Charlaine Harris Shakespeare's Christmas CL5 Cynara
Charlaine Harris Shakespeare's Trollop CL5 Cynara
Charlaine Harris Shakespeare's Counselor CL5 Cynara
Thomas Harris Hannibal CL7 Dracmus
Thomas Harris Red Dragon CL7 Dracmus
Ellen Raskin The Westing Game CL5 Robert Griffith
Sidney Sheldon Tell Me Your Dreams CL5 Dmitri